Vanaris d.o.o.

OIB: 58953780790

VAT ID: 58953780790


HR-51523 BAŠKA


TEL: +385 99 3427 800

MAIL: [email protected]


Payment method


Money transfer

Monetary transaction to bank account of Vanaris, Ltd.


Credit Cards

  • WSPAY Payment gateway



Inquests and bookings accepted through Villa Valis webpage only (e-mail or contact form). For performed booking to count as valid, Client must pay in advance the sum agreed upon between Client and Sales Dept. according to specifications. The Agreed-upon sum may be payed via money transfer (OFFLINE) or credit card (ONLINE).

Booked apartment is available 16:00-18:00h on day of arrival and until 10:00h on day of departure. Penalty costs for late check-outs charged as additional day of booked stay. Booking alterations possible only in writing.

Upon booking confirmation, Client will be redirected to WSPay Payment Gateway page, to complete the booking process by filling out credit card payment form. Upon form completion, booking confirmation will pop up on Client’s computer screen. Booking confirmation will also be sent to Client’s specified e-mail address. Payment must match previously specified amount and be executed within timeframe specified in completion confirmation e-mail. Upon payment execution, Client is obligated to forward payment confirmation to Villa Valis via telefax or e-mail. After transfer confirmation or credit card authorization (depending on payment method), Villa Valis will supply Client with booking voucher and all necessary booking information via e-mail.


Booking is valid from day of advance payment or booking fee payment by Client; booking is kept for 24 hours from agreed-upon time of arrival. In case of Client not arriving or booking cancellation, Villa Valis holds the right to keep entire sum of payed advance or booking fee.

Refund available only if Client cancels booking within specified timeframe or if agreed-upon by both parties. Refunds are conducted in the same manner as payment was conducted.


All payments are conducted in local currency (Croatian Kuna; currency code: HRK). Total sum deducted from Client’s credit card is calculated via currency conversion rate of the Euro to local currency (EUR to HRK) according to current conversion rates dictated by the Croatian National Bank (Hrvatska Narodna Banka - HNB).

Client’s credit card is charged in Client’s local currency based on current conversion rates dictated by card payment associations. Due to conversion, there is a chance of minor discrepancy in payed sum in comparison to price listed at Villa Valis webpage.


Villa Valis is obligated, under European Legislation, to protect any Client’s personal information by collecting only basic information needed for Villa Valis to execute business obligations; Clients are informed on ways of gathering data; Clients are regularly given the option to choose if, and how, Their respective data is used, including whether or not Their names may be put into contact bases used for marketing campaigns.